Natural Skin Care Products

We believe in an Africa which harnesses its wealth in indigenous succulents, trees and extracted oils and flower essences, bringing you natural health and wellness in multi beneficial  herbal skincare preparations.
Our introductory range is prepared as an After Sun fine mist and its complement, a rejuvenating skin serum. Both free of artificial colorants and fragrances.
Nut oils and pressed oils form the basis of our healing oils range.  Harnessing the goodness found within the nut of the marula fruit, the seed from the Baobab tree and the bulb of the Lesotho highlands rosehip flower, we offer a range of cold pressed, essential skincare oils. Moisturizing, soothing and offering premium vitamins a,c & e, we've selected these oils from self sustaining farms and wild harvested sources, whose stories will leave you feeling as if you've spent the day in the African sun.
Private labeled or offered under LithaFlora African Botanicals branding; direct from our farm partners to you or your customers.