African Botanical Teas

We believe in an Africa which harnesses its wealth in indigenous botanicals, bringing you health and wellness in consumable herbal preparations, as tea.
We offer private labeling services to suit your brand needs and desires and sell in bulk as well as prepared and packaged tea bags and canisters; retail ready for your customer, shipped worldwide.
Introductory range of four indigenous botanical health teas, are the perfect starting point to introduce your followers or customers to the natural health benefits, deeply treasured, wild harvested and traditionally used for centuries in Southern Africa and beyond...
Our herbal health blends include, but are not limited to:
  • Immune Boosting Support - Rooibos, Rosehip and Sutherlandia
  • Cold & Flu Support - Honeybush, Rose Pelargonium, Ginger
  • Adrenal Calming & Slimming Support - Buchu, Hoodia, Mint
  • Digestive Support - Moringa, Coconut, Cacao
Our locally based and expert  South African tea blender, has been custom blending indigenous African herbs for more than twenty years.  With access to indigenous herbs, flowers, barks and tinctures continent wide, we can offer you the utmost satisfaction in custom blended herbal health tea preparations.