Bulbine Frutescens

Indigenous to South Africa, it occurs naturally in KwaZulu-Natal and parts of all the Cape Provinces.
Therapeutic Uses
Bulbine frutescens is one of nature's finest medicinal plants; a first aid medicine chest all in one.
Used topically, the organic leaf extract is amazingly effective and takes care of a wide range of skin conditions and wounds.

 - sunburn, acne, burns, blisters, cold sores (mouth and nose),

 - cracked lips, cracked fingers, nails and heels, insect bites,

 - itchy places, fever blisters, mouth ulcers, rashes & ringworm.

Feel the burn... And then the Relief!

LithaFlora African Botanicals brings you organic Bulbine Frutescens leaf extract

Summer's sun is upon us in full swing. And sometimes we just aren't prepared.

Keeping true to our mission to develop and deliver indigenous healing wisdom and subtle energy impact to our customers, we introduce our newest sensory indulgence. "After Sun Bulbine Frutescens Soothing Herbal Mist".

While Bulbine Frutescens leaf extract has been used for centuries to heal a myriad of issues from stomach ulcers to skin lesions, our mist has an aromatic floral water blend of Artemisia Afra (African wormwood) and Helichrysum Cymosum (Wilde Als), both of which have further antimalarial and antimicrobial properties.  This product contains no alcohol nor preservatives. Just feel-good healing. Plus it smells great!

" Founder, Yolanda Methvin - Sharing the world of LithaFlora and the unique healing properties of Bulbine Frutescens."