LithaFlora African Botanicals

"Into the future, I intend to further enhance the local value addition by producing “farm to product”; managing the complete value chain on a local farm; creating more employment and becoming less dependent on suppliers."

LithaFlora African Botanicals is a functional health and wellness lifestyle brand and business. We live, love and work in Cape Town, South Africa.  Cape Town is the home of Table Mountain and the closest urban neighbor to the Fynbos Biome, located within the larger, Cape Floral Kingdom; the only floral kingdom situated entirely within one country!
There’s something about this place. 

Something in the movement of sea, sun and people. Something in the passage of time, which predates a very difficult colonial, apartheid and new democratic era of human settlement and evolution.  There’s something special here.  And we believe, it is genetically tied to the indigenous botanical medicinal plants, initially used by the Khoikhoi nation and ultimately traded globally, as part of the great spice route, made commercial by the Dutch in the 1600s and which we enjoy today.

Just as then, today it is easy to appreciate and to feel the unique resonance between plants, animals and human nature.  And to allow oneself to become immersed in the sensual understanding and healing energies of these uniquely African, signature plants.  Those which continue to hold the original source DNA of the Earth and humanity which depends on her health.

Come, journey with us toward a deeper understanding and appreciation of yourself. Let LithaFlora African Botanicals reignite your inner star, complement your lifestyle, health and wellness practice with the indigenous wisdom of Africa.