Prosperity Food Co

Prosperity Food Co

An appeal, brand and products which honour people, place and nature.  Considering the United Nation’s identified Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Prosperity Food Co., focusses on contributing to the alleviation of extreme poverty and mitigating against climate change provoked, food insecurity.  We do this by creating indigenous snack products which are sold via peer-to-peer networks, not retail.

As a part of Nature which we are synomously tied, we believe each of us holds the keys to an abundant future which provides for all people and sentient beings.  The future belongs to us and must be created from our imaginings of what it can be. We are not its victims.

We value integrity, community and collaboration and welcome you into our tribe.  Thanking you in advance, for your kindness, conscious awareness and global support of a future designed to be sustained for all.

Our Products

Trust Rusks – Indigenous grain-based snack product. Developed and produced to support a youth based Design-Thinking led journey toward micro-entrepreneurship.  Trust Rusks are proudly South African.  Produced by hand, requiring no refrigeration, water nor electricity to be enjoyed daily and have no preservatives.

Bee Grateful Honeybush Ice Tea – A beverage product made from South Africa’s indigenous Fynbos; Honeybush (Cyclopia Genostoides).  Made with no preservatives, cold steeped and caffeine-free, Bee Grateful Honeybush Teas are pre-sweetened with Cape Honey, produced by local beekeepers.  These products are retailed via local farmer’s markets and a select number of  local specialty food retailers, but available for national and international retail distribution.

“Bee There. Do That Pod.” A bi-monthly podcast, featuring everyday African stories about the future of Food, Race and Social Impact.  Hosted by Yolanda Busbee Methvin, Founder & Chief Pollinator at both LithaFlora and Prosperity Food Co. We believe every story is one worth telling and in a rapidly evolving modern African context full of social & commercial opportunities, risks and rewards, storytelling by podcast, is akin to histories-old stories told by the fire.  Come close, settle in, snuggle up and catch a buzz with this bi-monthly sharing of all things related to global food trends, told through an African bird’s eye view.