At LithaFlora African Botanicals & Sourcing, a Life Centered social enterprise, we champion an Africa that nurtures its communities, environments, and wildlife with ancestral wisdom. Our artisanal offerings, from eco-responsible farms and ethical wild-harvests, reflect our commitment to small economies and minimal environmental impact, sourcing every ingredient from the continent. 

Our clients have included:

Marvel Film’s Black Panther, 2017 – Academy Award Winner, Costume Design 2019; Research, Sourcing and Distribution of Artefacts, Textiles and Jewellery.

Hello Africa Marketplace, 2018 – Bricks and Mortar and Ecommerce; Signature Aroma and Skincare development.

Harvard University, 2019 –  Sourcing and Curating; Bespoke gifting for global programme, Advanced Leadership Initiative (ALI).

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