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Welcome to LithaFlora African Botanicals & Sourcing, where our passion is rooted in the rich soils of Africa and its age-old wisdom. We’re dedicated to nurturing and promoting the health of both people and planet through our sustainably sourced, handcrafted products. Our collection includes eco-friendly skincare products, infused with natural oils, butters, and leaf extracts, alongside functional herbal teas that embody the essence of African flora. We pride ourselves on partnering with smallholder farmers and artisans across the continent, ensuring every ingredient tells a story of tradition, sustainability, and respect for nature. Beyond our products, we offer bespoke consulting services for those seeking unique Pan-African artefacts, jewellery, textiles, and more, tailored to meet specific commercial needs. Join us in celebrating Africa’s heritage and its future, one sustainable choice at a time.

About OUR CEO Yolanda Methvin

“For as long as I can recall, I’ve been a Social Entrepreneur. To me, social entrepreneurship offers the opportunity to engage creativity, compassion and to find impactful collaborative solutions to common human problems. Using indigenous African wisdom systems and their complements has allowed me to feel confident in pursuit of those values and to bring them to life commercially, for myself, my family, yours and hopefully generations to come.” 

Guided by serial Social Entrepreneur Yolanda Busbee Methvin, LithaFlora African Botanicals & Sourcing emerged from a dedication to partner with African youth and women in job creation and community-based social enterprise. Yolanda’s work is driven by a blend of creativity, compassion, and the indigenous wisdom of Africa, aiming to bring positive change, infused with an Afro-Futurist vision. This vision seeks to weave a future where the connections between earth, sea, and sky are revitalized across the African continent, embracing innovation and tradition embedded in regenerative ecological and cultural preservation.

What we do

LithaFlora embodies deep respect for ancient knowledge, fostering the sacred link between wellness and nature as a Life Centered social enterprise. Our range features skincare made with natural extracts and herbal teas for well-being, alongside consulting for unique Pan-African artifacts and textiles, curated to your needs. We also promote community education on indigenous plants and creativity, providing internships for emerging 2D animators, cultural workshops, educational content development, and hosting speaking events. LithaFlora, as a Life Centered social enterprise, dedicates itself to sustainability, quality, and cultural preservation.

LithaFlora deeply respects indigenous knowledge and traditions, celebrating centuries-old connections between health, wellness, and nature.

Our range includes skincare made from natural extracts, oils, and butters, alongside herbal teas that nurture health. We also offer consulting for those seeking unique Pan-African artifacts, jewelry, textiles, and more, crafting and distributing exclusive lines tailored to your needs. Order quantities vary by product, reflecting our commitment to quality and sustainability.

Yolanda Methvin-LIthaflora African Botanicals
Yolanda Methvin-LIthaflora African Botanicals

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Yolanda Busbee

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We believe in a South Africa where regenerative and life-centred economic opportunities thrive, tapping into the country’s rich indigenous botanical heritage, for shared health and wellness. Currently, we’re always eager to engage with institutions supporting and offering partnerships with Corporate Enterprise/Supplier Development programs for a wider reach. And B2B Customers, like you!

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