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Welcome to the world of LithaFlora African Botanicals. A world of African health and wellness, full of flora, fauna, empathy and compassionate interest in the landscape and people of the diaspora. We deliver personalised services and bespoke sourcing support to a small collection of discerning clients like you.

Our Story

At LithaFlora African Botanicals & Sourcing, we believe in an Africa which supports and sustains its people, flora and fauna with the indigenous wisdom of eco-sensitive and sustainable herbs, grains, fruit and seed. As such, our products are made by hand, sourced from sustainable farm means and/or wild-harvested. We source from small holder farmers, small makers, producers and suppliers. We work within micro-economies with aim to maintain self-sustenance and a light footprint. All of our ingredients are sourced continentally.

At its core, LithaFlora represents an extraordinary reverence for indigenous wisdom and traditions which, spanning millennia and the world’s first peoples, demonstrate the deepest appreciation for health and wellness in honour of and cooperation with nature.

We produce and manufacture skincare products, using pressed leaf extracts, oils and butters. We also create functional herbal health teas and provide consulting services, for bespoke clients looking to source, Pan-African artefacts, jewellery, textiles, etc.This service includes creating, developing and distributing unique product lines, for your commercial requirements. Specific minimum order quantities vary, depending upon the product type and requirements.

What we do

Led by serial entrepreneur, Yolanda Busbee Methvin, LithaFlora African Botanicals & Sourcing was born out of a commitment to collaborate with African youth and women based employment/job creation initiatives, community based social enterprises and the urge to connect all between earth, sea and sky taking form on the African continent.

Inspired by a visit to South Africa in 1992, just two years after the release from jail of Nelson Mandela and a year before the complete repeal of South Africa’s dark days of Apartheid, American born Yolanda Methvin, returned to South Africa in 1998 with a Husband and plan for a “one year, working holiday”. 21 years later, a Permanent Resident with two children, two dogs and with three businesses under her belt, Methvin comments –

“For as long as I can recall, I’ve been a Social Entrepreneur. To me, social entrepreneurship offers the opportunity to engage creativity, compassion and to find impactful collaborative solutions to common human problems. Using indigenous African wisdom systems and their complements has allowed me to feel confident in pursuit of those values and to bring them to life commercially, for myself, my family, yours and hopefully generations to come.”

What we do
Bee There. Do That, with Yolanda Busbee

Bee There. Do That, with Yolanda Busbee

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